the most experienced WHEEL AND BRAKE SHOP in the NY AREA


FlightPath Services, Inc. is the oldest and most experienced wheel and brake shop for business aviation in the New York area.  We pride ourselves in offering a fast and friendly service at a very competitive price.   All wheel overhauls and inspections are completed in accordance with the manufacturer's component maintenance manuals and are complete with 8130's.  Overhauls include removal of worn tires, paint stripped and parts cleaned, visual inspection, measurements, NDT (Zyglo, Eddy, and/or Magnaflux), repainted, and reassembled. Bearings are returned packed and nosewheels balanced.   Any and all levels of wheel service can be performed and only genuine parts from the manufacturer are used.   We offer complete brake overhaul and repair services for ABSC, Dunlop (Meggit), BF Goodrich, and Parker Brake assemblies.  We only use manufacturer approved processes and materials for all our levels of brake service.   Your unit will be returned tagged for return to service and all work is done in accordance with the manufacturers component maintenance manuals.   For your convenience we offer pick-up and delivery for business aviation customers throughout our sales routes, from Maine to Virginia.




In addition to wheel and brake service, we are specialists in the overhaul and return to service of survival equipment.  FlightPath Services is the only exclusive Factory Authorized Service Center for Winslow LifeRaft Company in the Northeast and Texarcana regions.  We are also an Eastern Aero Marine (EAM) Authorized Service Center.  It is because of this level of factory service that FlightPath Services should be your first and only choice when it comes to the service of your survival equipment.  Unlike our competition, we have exclusive manufacturer training, tooling, equipment, and use only genuine factory parts.  Our direct line of communication with these manufacturers gives us immediate access to any product enhancements and service bulletins, giving you the piece of mind that your survival equipment is overhauled to manufacturers specifications each and every time.

Airplane Wheel and Brake Shop NY NJ Area, Teterboro Airport NJ.  Business Aircraft, Corporate Jet Service

Tool Calibration

Don't get stuck with a faulty tool.  Whether it's torque wrenches, guages, dials, scales, or electronic equipment, we can handle calibration in a timely manner.  Once calibrated, all tools are certified for accuracy and returned before you will need them again.   We also offer pick up and drop off of tools within our service area!

Survival Equipment

Flightpath Services, Inc. is the exclusive service provider and distributor for Winslow Liferaft in the Northeast & Texacarna regions.  We handle return to service of life rafts, vest, and other survival equipment and flotation devices, and also have capabilities for on-site inspections of certain floats and emergency gear for your convenience.

aircraft BAtteries

We are specialists in the repair, overhaul, and return to service of aircraft batteries, battery packs, and power supplies.  While we are working on your equipment, we will provide you with free loaners for all types of batteries (based on availability).  From main batteries, to the smaller emergency battery packs, no job is too big or too small!

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FAA Certified Repair Station, Teterboro NJ, NYC Metro Area
Member of the Aeronatuical Repair Station Association
Gulfstream Authorized Distribution Facility, Northeast


Airplane Wheel and Brake Shop NY NJ Area, Teterboro Airport NJ.  Business Aircraft, Corporate Jet Service
Airplane Wheel and Brake Shop NY NJ Area, Teterboro Airport NJ.  Business Aircraft, Corporate Jet Service
Gulfstream Authorized Distribution Facility, Northeast